Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Food Establishment Inspection Reports

You are able to access inspection reports for every retail food establishment where food is directly sold or offered to a consumer within Champaign County, Illinois, (such as a restaurant, cafeteria, convenience store, grocery store, day care, school, nursing home or tavern), except for cottage food operations (see Section 4.0) and the retail food establishments operated by the University of Illinois. Inspection reports are available from 2008 to present. Disclaimer

Often it has been claimed that individual inspections are a "snapshot" of the operating practices and conditions on a particular day and time and may not be representative of overall compliance and commitment to food safety and sanitation. After selecting a particular food establishment, our site not only will let you access individual inspection reports, but will summarize and illustrate a food establishment's inspection reports over time to better determine overall performance by: