Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

The CUPHD tax levy explained
Where do CUPHDS funds come from?

Auditors Report

Audit Report 2000-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2001-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2002-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2003-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2004-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2005-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2006-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2007-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2008-03-31.pdf
Audit Report 2009-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2010-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2011-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2012-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2013-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2014-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2015-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2016-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2017-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2018-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2019-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2020-06-30.pdf
Audit Report 2021.pdf


2006-03-31 Budget.pdf
2007-03-31 Budget.pdf
2008-03-31 Budget.pdf
2009 Budget.pdf
2010 Budget Adopted 9-14-09.pdf
2011 Budget Adopted 9-20-10.pdf
2012 Budget Adopted 6-13-11.pdf
2013 Budget Adopted 9-26-12.pdf
2014 Budget Adopted 8-12-13.pdf
2015 Budget Adopted 9-29-14.pdf
2016 Budget Adopted 9-14-15.pdf
2017 Budget Adopted 08-08-2016.pdf
2018 Budget Adopted 08-14-2017.pdf
2019 Budget Adopted 08-13-2018.pdf
2020 Budget Adopted 09-16-2019.pdf
2021 Budget Adopted 08-17-2021.pdf
2022 Adopted Budget Consolidated.pdf
2023 Adopted Budget Consolidated.pdf
2024 Adopted Budget.pdf

Treasurers Report

Treasurers Report 3-31-00.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-01.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-02.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-03.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-04.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-05.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-06.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-07.pdf
Treasurers Report 3-31-08.pdf
Treasurers Report Signed and Notarized 6-30-09.pdf
Treasurers Report Signed and Notarized 6-30-10.pdf
Treasurers Report Signed and Notarized 6-30-11.pdf
Treasurers Report Signed and Notarized 6-30-12.pdf