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Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Temporary Health Permits

Whenever food or drink is offered to the public during special events such as fairs, outdoor concerts, fundraisers or other short-term events, a temporary health permit is required. If the event is located within Urbana city limits, a city food license may also be needed. Both can be obtained from this office.

Please note that there is a limit of three temporary health permits per calendar year.

If your event will be located within Champaign or Urbana city limits, please use the C-U application. For other areas within Champaign County, including the county fairground, please use the County application.

Permit Process

See our temporary food vendor training.
View and print the temporary health permit guidelines, fee information and application (C-U or County).
Complete the application and submit it for review, along with proof of food safety training, and applicable fee(s). The temporary health permit application, proof of training, and fee(s) should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of a temporary event. Applications submitted less than 72 hours prior to the day of the event will also be charged a late fee of $25.00. For events with five or more food or drink vendors, please see our multi-vendor coordinator guidelines.
Your application will be reviewed by one of our inspectors. They may contact you with questions about your application and event.
If the application is approved, a health permit and Urbana city food license (if applicable) will be issued.
Review the checklist on the back side of the permit. Display the health permit at your event in a spot where it can easily be seen by the public.
We conduct random inspections of temporary food events.