Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Reporting Guidelines for Health Professionals and Mandated Reporters

Control of Communicable Diseases Code

This link provides information on Reporting entities and Manner of Reporting (Section 690.200 Reporting).

How Do Health Care Professions Report Communicable Disease On-Line?

Doctors and other health care providers are required to report a number of communicable diseases to local health departments. Now you can electronically report infectious diseases to the state and local health departments through the Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS). Once you learn the process of reporting online, the process is quick and efficient. Online reporting will enhance our ability to respond to potential health emergencies. For I-NEDSS training you may call the Illinois Department of Public Health: (217) 782-2016(217) 782-2016

What do I do if my patient works in a sensitive occupation (food handler, daycare provider, healthcare worker)?

Please report to the Communicable Disease Investigator at (217) 531-2932 and please tell your patient the following: see link

When health care workers, food handlers or people who work in day care centers or nursing homes are diagnosed with Shigella, Salmonellosis and E. coli they must get follow-up tests to confirm that they are free of the disease before going back to work. These tests are free to those who have no insurance coverage for the tests. Contact the Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator at (217) 531-2932(217) 531-2932 for test kits and information.

What do I do if my patient has been exposed to Zika Virus?

Zika Virus information from IDPH

Reporting infectious diseases Illinois Confidentiality Morbidity Reporting Form for Sexually Transmitted Infections