Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Change of Ownership

Steps Toward Obtaining an Annual Health Permit

The following steps apply to change of ownership for food or drink establishments or mobile units. Keep in mind that our plan review and inspection process is separate from city/village inspections, permits, codes and liquor licenses. Contact the applicable city/village government for their requirements.

Operation of the establishment may continue while you are waiting for your plans to be reviewed, provided that the facility did not close between changes in ownership and provided that the menu, concept and equipment remain the same until the plan review process is complete.

Step 1 - Plan Review Packet
Step 2 - Submittal of Plans
Step 3 - While Waiting for Plans to be Reviewed
Step 4 - Plan Review
Step 5 - Pre-operational Inspections
Step 6 - Health Permit

Step 1 - Plan Review Packet

  1. Download or view the following documents or call our office to request a packet. If the physical location of your facility or commissary is located within Champaign or Urbana city limits, download or view the C-U documents. For other areas of Champaign County, use the County documents.
Plan Review Application (C-U or County)
Commissary Agreement (mobile units only)
Toilet Facilities Agreement (mobile units only)

Additional Documents for Review:
Plan Review Construction Guide (C-U or County / Spanish / Chinese) – note: 27 pages / read carefully
Fee Schedule (C-U or County)
General Information (C-U or County)
Food Code
Mobile Food Service Requirements (English / Spanish / Chinese)
Mobile Unit FAQs
Water Heater Worksheet - Instantaneous Heater (Excel file)
Water Heater Worksheet - Storage Heater (Excel file)

  1. Complete the plan review application. For change of ownership with no changes in layout or equipment, only the following items need to be submitted:
Plan review application
Plan review fee
Commissary agreement (mobile units only)
Toilet facilities agreement (mobile units only)

Step 2 - Submittal of Plans

  1. Submit your complete plan review packet to our office. Please be sure that you submit all requested documents. Incomplete packets will not be processed and will be returned due to missing information.
  2. Upon receipt, your packet will be date-stamped and placed on our plan review waiting list. Plan review packets are reviewed in the order they are received. There are no exceptions. Note that the waiting time for your plans to be reviewed is approximately 30 business days. Please plan accordingly.

Step 3 - While Waiting for Plans to be Reviewed

  1. You will be allowed to remain in operation while on the plan review waiting list as long as no changes in menu, concept or equipment occur during this time.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, contact the city or village where your facility is located and/or operated. They may have building/code inspections, permits or other requirements that must be met. Here are links to the building safety departments at the city of Champaign and the city of Urbana.
  3. Get certified. Before your health permit will be issued, you must provide proof of at least one person on staff who has obtained a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certificate. This applies to Category 1 and Category 2 facilities. All CFPM staff in Category 1 restaurants will also need to complete Allergen Awareness training. See our food worker training page for information about certification classes and allergen training.
  4. All other staff members that are considered food handlers must obtain Food Handler Certificates (FHC). Click here for information about food handler training.
  5. Complete a Standard Operating Procedures Worksheet (CU or County / Spanish / Chinese). Please submit the completed worksheet within 30 days after you submit your plan review packet.
  6. You will need an Illinois Business Tax (IBT) number. Contact the Illinois Department of Revenue to obtain an IBT number. If your organization is not-for-profit, you may need to apply for tax exempt status. Health permit fees are waived for organizations that can provide proof of Illinois sales tax exemption.
  7. If you will be located and/or operating in Champaign or Urbana, contact their finance departments regarding food and beverage taxes.
  8. You may need to register your business with Champaign County.

Step 4 - Pre-operational Inspections

  1. Once your project reaches the top of the plan review waiting list, we will contact you to schedule a construction survey. The facility must be brought into compliance with current codes before a health permit can be issued to the new owner. You will be provided with a punch list of items that will need to be completed prior to the final inspection.
  2. It is your responsibility to contact our office at least three days in advance of completing the punch list work to schedule a final inspection. There should be no outstanding punch list items remaining.

Step 5 - Health Permit

  1. After final approval has been granted, your health permit and city food license (if applicable) will be issued. To obtain your permit, you must submit a fully completed health permit application, proof of CFPM staff (if applicable) and fee(s). Health permit fees are waived for not-for-profit organizations that can provide proof of Illinois sales tax exemption.

    Annual health permit application (C-U or County)
    Vehicle identification form (C-U or County) - additional form for mobile units only.
  2. Be sure that you have met all city/village requirements.