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Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Sex Education


Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

By their 19th birthday, seven in ten teens have had intercourse.1 Yet too few teens are receiving sex education, and therefore many teens are engaging in sexual activity without accurate information about sex or the potential risk factors. About 8 in 10 (83%) teens in the U.S. did not receive sex education before they first had sex.2

The State of Illinois is ranked 24th in teen birth rates and 29th in teen pregnancy rates in the US. Although teen pregnancy rates have decreased in recent decades, the average age for intercourse for adolescents in the United States is still fifteen.3 Additionally in Champaign County, we have recently experienced a slight increase in teen pregnancies, despite the national decline.

Many schools do not provide sex education to their students, leaving them unprepared for sex, and vulnerable to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Parents are often uncomfortable talking about sex with their teens. To address this gap, CUPHD provides free comprehensive sex education instruction for eligible Champaign County middle and high schools.

teen pregnancy graph

CUPHD's Sex Education Curriculum

CUPHD health educators teach the Making Proud Choices! curriculum in area middle schools and the Be Proud! Be Responsible! curriculum at area high schools.

Making Proud Choices! is a 9-module, age-appropriate, evidence-based sexual health curriculum for 7th and 8th grade students. More information about Making Proud Choices! can be found on this website. The Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a six session comprehensive sex education curriculum designed for students ages 13-18. More information about Be Proud! Be Responsible! can be found on this website.

For more information on our sex education program, contact Jennifer Jackson,
CUPHD health educator (jjackson@c-uphd.org).

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