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Our mission:
To improve the health, safety and
well-being of the community through prevention, education, collaboration,
and regulation.
Maternal and Child Health Dental Health Environmental Health Infectious Disease Prevention & Mgmt. Wellness and Health Promotion

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Phone: (217) 352-7961
Address: 201 West Kenyon Rd. Champaign, Il 61820
Use the contact form below or see our phone directory for more options.

free text relay If you have hearing loss or a speech disability you can contact us using Text Relay. To do this click the image to the left.

Text Relay is a federally funded and regulated service designed to make it easy for people with hearing loss or speech disabilities to place phone calls. Relay calls are free for both local and long distance calls. Relay calls are 100% confidential.

Using a web enabled computer or wireless device, the relay user types their side of the conversation, while the operator reads it aloud to the called party. When the called party responds, the operator types their spoken words for the relay user, enabling them to read the spoken side of the conversation.

If you would like to contact us electronically you can fill out the form below. There are also several forms for submitting specific information.

Freedom of information request information can be found here.

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