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Food Worker Training


Food establishments in Champaign County may require or want to hire staff members that have training in food safety. Individuals interested in obtaining food worker training because it is required by their employer, to help their employment prospects, or for other reasons, should review the options below.

Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC)

Do you want to be certified in food service sanitation in Illinois? Take the following steps:

Step 1: Take a FSSMC course and pass an exam.

The organizations listed below offer certification courses in the Champaign County area. Please make sure that the class you take is at least eight hours long, is taught by an IDPH-approved instructor, and includes an exam accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Conference for Health Protection (CFP). Courses are offered by classroom or online. Some offer training options in Spanish or other languages. Contact them for locations, pricing and other details.

A+/S'VilleCo Food Training - Sue Summerville Phone: (217) 684-2435
Corporate Training Center, Ltd. Toll Free: (800) 705-8204
Hammes Associates Phone: (217) 903-4306
Illini Training (online only) Phone: (217) 398-0103
Learn 2 Serve (online only) Toll Free: (888) 360-8764
National Restaurant Association Toll Free: (866) 901-7778
Parkland College BDC, Champaign Phone: (217) 351-2235
Safe Food Handlers Corp. Toll Free: (888) 793-5136

You can also visit the Illinois Department of Public Health website for a listing of accredited providers.

Step 2: Receive a national certificate.

After you have taken a FSSMC course and successfully passed an exam, you will receive a national certificate (ServSafe, etc.). Don't forget to also apply for an Illinois FSSMC.

Step 3: Apply for a State of Illinois FSSMC.

After taking a class, passing an exam, and receiving a national certificate, you must apply for a State of Illinois FSSMC. You must apply online only. You must have a national certificate, a personal e-mail address, and a debit/credit card, prepaid credit card, or checking account to proceed. The Illinois FSSMC is valid for five years.

Please see the instructions about applying for an Illinois FSSMC.

Questions about the Illinois FSSMC process should be directed to the Illinois Department of Public Health. dph.fssmc@illinois.gov

Note: The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District/Champaign County Health Department does not offer classes or issue certificates.

Step 4: Make sure you have your Illinois FSSMC available to show during an inspection.

The organizations listed above offer certification courses in a variety of formats. Some offer training options in Spanish or other languages; some offer online options only. Contact them for details.

You can also visit the Illinois Department of Public Health website for a listing of accredited course providers. Some providers offer online options only.

More Questions?

See our list of Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) FAQs.

Renewal of FSSMC

If you are already certified (FSSMC) and your current certificate is about to expire, you must renew your certificate by taking an eight-hour training course and exam. See the section above for information about organizations that offer FSSMC courses.

Request Form - Lost Your Certificate? Change of Address?

If you have misplaced your current certificate (FSSMC only) and need a replacement copy, or if you'd like to report a change of address, please e-mail the Illinois Department of Public Health with your request. dph.fssmc@illinois.gov

Food Handler Certificate (FHC)

All food handlers in food establishments are required to obtain a Food Handler Certificate (FHC). (Note: If you have already obtained a FSSMC, a FHC is not required). A food handler is defined as an "individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food-contact surfaces." To obtain a FHC, you must take an ANSI/CFP accredited training course and pass an ANSI/CFP exam with a score of 75% or higher. Most FHC classes are available at $15 or less and the training and exam can usually be completed within 90 minutes. Food Handler Certificates are valid for three years. The certificates are issued by the agency that teaches your class. Some of the organizations listed in the FSSMC section may also teach the FHC course; contact them for information. You can also see the IDPH FHC website link below for other options.

Questions? Please see the FAQs below.

ANSI-Accredited Food Handler Training Courses (IDPH)
Food Handler Training FAQs (IDPH) (PDF)

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