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Dental Health


Save Your Child's Teeth!

Protéger les dents de votre enfant!

¡Guardar los dientes de su niño!

Are you filling your child's bottle or sippy cup with liquids such as juice that contain sugar? Are you allowing your child to suck on a bottle or breastfeed for a long period of time? If your answer to either question is "yes", then your child may develop early dental decay, also called "baby bottle tooth decay".

Baby bottle decay can cause damage to your child's permanent teeth The sugars in liquids are changed to acids by germs in the mouth, which dissolve the teeth, leading to decay. This condition will affect the upper front teeth and possibly other teeth. Lift your child's upper lip to identity early signs of baby bottle tooth decay. Brown spots along the gum line are signs of this disease.

There are several things you can do to prevent your child from getting
early decay:
  • Limit liquids that contain sugar
  • Put only water in the bottle or sippy cup between meals
  • Don't allow our child to drink milk or juice from a bottle or sippy cup for long periods of time
  • Clean your child's gums and teeth with a damp cloth or soft toothbrush after each feeding
  • Begin brushing with a soft brush and small smear of fluoridated toothpaste as soon as the first tooth appears
  • Take your child to the dentist by age 1 year, and continue to visit every 6 months - it's paid for by your insurance.
  • Be a good example to your children - brush 2 times a day WITH them

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Watch our video, Caring for Your Child's Teeth: The First 16 Months

Champaign County - children outside C-U may call SmileHealthy at 359-7404 or visit their website.

Visit the following for information about dental health.

Be sure to visit Ifloss.organd 2min2x.org.

Dental exam form English and Spanish
2009 Early childhood oral health plan Powerpoint slideshow or PDF.

State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination

How to obtain services


201 W. Kenyon Rd., Champaign
School-based Health Center Dental Clinic 1002 S. Race St., Urbana
Location information including maps


Any child who is a resident of Champaign or Urbana is eligible for dental services. School children who are Urbana residents may also go to the Urbana School Health Center. NOTE: children who live in Champaign County outside C-U may call the Smile Healthy at 359-7404.

Effective January 1, 2009 only C-U children with All Kids or Medicaid as primary or secondary insurance may receive services at the 201 W. Kenyon Road location. For assistance with obtaining All Kids insurance please call 1-800-843-6154 to apply and 1-800-842-1461 to check eligibility.


Fee Schedule - We accept the Medical Card, All Kids and private insurance.

How do I get services?:

Call us to schedule an appointment. Emergency dental appointments can be made the same day. Parental supervision is required.


Champaign: 8-4 M-F, Call for appointment
Urbana School Health Center: 8-4 M-F, Call for appointment


Champaign: (217) 531-4279
Urbana School Health Center: (217) 239-4220