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Public Health Departments are required to investigate communicable (infectious) diseases such as whooping cough, tuberculosis, hepatitis and foodborne or waterborne illnesses. Our Communicable Disease Investigator works with the state health department and local health care providers to identify, investigate, and try to control disease outbreaks in our community.

Whenever someone is diagnosed with an infectious disease that could lead to an outbreak, our Communicable Disease Investigator conducts an interview with that person. The interview is confidential, and helps us confirm the diagnosis, determine the source of the infection and limit the spread of the disease.

When health care workers, food handlers or people who work in day care centers or nursing homes are diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis, Shigella, Salmonellosis, Giardia or E. coli, they must get follow-up tests to confirm that they are free of the disease before going back to work. These tests are free to those who have no insurance coverage for the tests. Contact the Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator at (217) 531-5361 for test kits and information.

What Are Reportable Communicable Diseases?
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