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Healthy Schools


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
National Prevention Council

Coordinated School Health Model
Enhanced Physical Education (P.E.) Strategic Plan
Coordinated School Health - CDC
Coordinated Approach to Child Health
The Learning Connection: What you need to know to ensure your kids are healthy
and ready to learn. (PDF)
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CATCH Schools

What is CATCH? (PDF)

These are your Champaign County CATCH schools
  • Carrie Busey Elementary
  • Unity West Elementary
  • Unity East Elementary
  • Unity Junior High
  • Booker T. Washington STEM Academy
  • Thomasboro Grade School
  • Fisher Grade School
  • Heritage Elementary School
  • Leal Elementary School
  • Thomas Paine Elementary School
  • Wiley Elementary School
CATCH Brochure (PDF)
National CATCH website, catchusa.org

Resources for Brain Breaks, Active Recess, and Physical Activity

Brain Breaks Kids Love
Energizing Brain Breaks
Playworks for every kid
The Weight Of The Nation
Action For Healthy Kids
Playworks Game Library

Resources for Healthy Eating

Choose My Plate, learn about healthy eating habits
The Weight Of The Nation
Healthy shopping, cooking, and snacking for busy families

Resources for Active Living/Active Transportation

C-U Safe Routes To School
C-U Safe Walking Route Maps
National Bike Month
C-U Bike To Work And School Day
C-U Complete Streets Policy Brief (PDF)
Walk Champaign Resources

PE teacher's students bringing their bicycles to school - to learn on

- News Gazette

CHAMPAIGN - Watching a physical education class from St. Matthew Catholic School parade around the school on bikes is like a attending a high-spirited parade.

Some students toot bicycle horns, some try out adult tricycles and many of them use hand signals to indicate their intentions. One eighth-grader even hums the song from &qupt;The Wizard of Oz&qupt; that usually accompanies the witch on the bicycle.

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