Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Number of Routine Inspections:
In this example the number of routine inspections conducted since 2008 is 14. 2008 was the first full calendar year of electronic inspections using this software system. Each inspection report can be viewed in the Related Inspection Reports panel below the graph. The inspection report is the same report issued to the food establishment operator at the conclusion of an inspection.
The arrangement of eleven Key Phrases so that the most common category is ranked #1. Note that not all food establishments will have a Top 5, as some establishments have a simple menu (grocery store or mobile food truck only holding cold foods cold) or have effective managerial control over employee practices and behaviors, i.e. doing a very good job of controlling these violations.
Key Phrases
Key Phrases correspond to sections of the FDA Food Establishment Inspection Report. These sections are categories of food code violations that have a significant impact on public health. They are known as either risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness or as public health interventions to help prevent foodborne illness or injury. To learn about the Key Phrases move your mouse over the lines below.
Preventing Contamination by Hands includes violations such as:
Good Hygienic Practices includes violations such as:
Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food) includes violations such as:
Chemical includes violations such as poisonous or toxic materials, chemicals, lubricants, pesticides, medicines, first aid supplies, or other personal care items that are not properly identified, stored or used.
Protection from Contamination includes violations such as:
Other Key Phrases not in this example are Approved Source, Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC), Employee Health, Consumer Advisory, Highly Susceptible Populations, and Conformance with Approved Procedures.
% Out-of-Compliance This term is used to describe the number of times this category had a violation divided by the number of routine inspections.
Rank is an arrangement of 45 Violation Phrases so that the most common category is ranked #1.
Violation Item #
The Violation Item # refers to a number and interpretation assigned to a rule within the food service sanitation manual, e.g. Item #37 is associated with walls, ceiling, and attached equipment and their construction, repair, and cleanliness.
Violation Phrase
The Violation Phrase corresponds to grouping violations as presented in the Food Service Establishment Inspection Report from the 1976 FDA Food Service Sanitation Manual. These violation phrases and inspection report are still in use, see Food Establishment Inspection Report.
# of Times Out-of-Compliance is a count of the number of rule violations which occurred in this Violation Phrase category.
The food establishment’s graph illustrates the total number of all violations (green), the number of violations known to significantly impact public health (red), and the number of repeated violations cited from the last inspection (blue). Often each individual inspection is regarded as a “snapshot” of the operation so the graph combines each “snapshot” into a “movie” to illustrate trends of compliance.
Related Inspection Reports let you view previous inspection reports by date.
Food establishment name and address.

Understanding the Food Inspection Summary

Move your mouse over one of the orange areas on this page to see a pop-up describing
the various parts of an inspection summary report.


Champaign Co. Nursing Home
500 Art Bartell RD
URBANA, IL 61801

Number of Routine Inspections: 14

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Top 5 Foodborne Illness Risk Factors/Public Health Intervention practices and procedures most often violated at this establishment:
Rank Key Phrase % Out-of-Compliance
# 1 Preventing Contamination by Hands 71
# 2 Good Hygienic Practices 36
# 3 Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control) 29
# 4 Chemical 14
# 5 Protection From Contamination 7

Top 5 most frequent violations at this establishment:
Rank Violation Item # Violation Phrase # of Times Out-of-Compliance
# 1 37 Walls, ceiling, attached equipment: constructed, good repair, clean surfaces, dustless cleaning methods 23
# 2 36 Floors: constructed, drained, clean, good repair, covering, installation, dustless cleaning methods 21
# 3 22 Food contact surface of equipment and utensils clean, free of abrasives and detergents 16
# 4 32 Toilet rooms enclosed, self-closing doors, fixtures, good repair, clean: hand cleanser, sanitary towels/hand drying devices provided, proper waste receptacles, tissues 15
# 5 23 Non-food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean 14

All Violations Risk Factors/Interventions Repeat Violations

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