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Q. What is the Champaign County Public Health Database?
A. The Champaign County Public Health Database (CCPHD) is a collection of data from national, state, and local data sources as well as the primary site of public release of data to the community from the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. For more information, please see our about page.

Q. Who is the target audience of the database?
A. The target audience of the database is healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and citizens of Champaign County.

Q. What is the Purpose of the database?
A. The database exists to provide its audience with high quality, up to date data about Champaign County and Champaign-Urbana in relation to Illinois and the United States.

Q. Why is this data important?
A. We believe it is important for citizens to be able to find the demographics and health statistics of their community easily. Each indicator is important for different reasons. If you are interested in seeing why we believe each indicator we present is important, this information is available on each individual indicator page below the data.

Q. What geographic areas are included in the Public Health Database?
A. The following areas are currently included:

Q. What years are available, and why?
A. We have provided data from 1990, 2000, 2005, and each year following 2005. The years were chosen based on the availability of data, and new years will be added in the future when data sources become available.

Q. What are your data sources?
A. Data is sourced from several federal, state, and local databases. All data sources are provided on each indicator page. Some examples of sources for the CCPHD include:

Q. How often is the data updated?
A. The data is updated throughout the year; we strive to deliver the most up to date data possible. If you are curious about the last time a specific indicator was updated, this information is available on each indicator page below the data.

Q. Can I search for data if I am unsure of the category?
A. Yes, you may search at the top of our Topic List page, which shows all of the indicators currently in the database.

Q. I found data that you are missing, or I found incorrect data, where can I report this?
A. This can be reported via our feedback form.

Q. My organization would like to partner with CUPHD in providing data, who do I contact?
A. We are always looking for organizations with access to data sources to provide additional health indicators for the community. Please contact us via our feedback form.

Q. I would like to download your data, is this possible?
A. Yes. Simply make your selection on either the basic or advanced search, then click "download data" at the bottom of your selection. Data is available in CSV format.