Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Applying for a Sewage Permit

For new or renovated private sewage disposal systems installed in Champaign County, a homeowner or an Illinois Department of Public Health-licensed sewage contractor must obtain a construction permit from our office before any work is conducted. An application must be submitted for approval along with the appropriate permit fee. Applications are processed within 15 days. After application approval, our office must be provided with a minimum of 48 hours' notice before starting work on a sewage system. Our staff will conduct inspections to determine that systems have been installed according to code.

Forms & Fees

For systems within Champaign or Urbana city limits, please use the C-U forms. For all other areas of Champaign County, please use the County forms.

Part 1 Application – Plan Review (C-U or County)
Part 2 Application – Elevation Profile
Part 3 Application – Homeowner Affidavit (C-U or County)

Fee Schedule (Champaign County)
Fee Schedule (within Champaign-Urbana city limits)

Finding a Contractor

To find a private sewage system contractor, please see the Illinois Department of Public Health's list of licensed contractors. Simply type "Champaign" into the “County” field and a list of contractors from the area will appear.

Septic System Information

Aeration Unit Service Information
Treatment Systems and How They Work University of Illinois Extension
Buying or Selling a House University of Illinois Extension
Individual Sewage Systems DO's and DON'Ts
Home Aerobic System DO's and DON'Ts
Residential Septic Tank Evaluation

Rules and Regulations

Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code
Illinois Private Sewage Licensing Act
Health Ordinance of Champaign County (No. 969)
Ordinance Establishing Fees

Soils Information

Soil scientists
Percolation test (PDF)

Plat Review

Plat Review Requirements


We investigate complaints regarding failing private sewage systems or improper private sewage disposal.
Please call (217) 363-3269(217) 363-3269 or (217) 373-7900 (217) 373-7900 to file a complaint.