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To prepare for the possibility of local spread of COVID-19, we need everyone with the ability to prepare to do so. Our overriding goal in our community will be to keep the healthcare system, and especially the hospitals, from becoming overwhelmed during local spread.

Stop the spread of germs!

What is a pandemic?

The amount of a particular disease that is usually present in a community is referred to as the baseline or endemic level of disease. When there is an occurrence of more cases of disease than expected in a given area or among a specific group of people over a particular period of time, it is called an epidemic. Pandemic refers to an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people.

It is impossible to predict which subtype of virus will emerge, as to where and when it will emerge, how quickly the virus will spread, how severe illness will be and who will be most affected. That is why it is important for pandemic planning to be flexible. When a novel virus emerges with the potential to become pandemic, non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) can be used in conjunction with available pharmaceutical intervention (antiviral medications) to help slow its transmission in communities especially when a vaccine is not yet widely available. Communities, families and individuals, employers, and schools can create plans that use these interventions to help slow the spread of a pandemic and prevent disease and death.

Pandemic Planning Resources