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WIC, Day Care Centers and Schools

Parks, Lead Poisoning, Water Quality and Radon

Rabies, West Nile Virus and Communicable Diseases

Hospitals and Clinics, Nursing Homes and Hospice, Veterinary Clinics, Mental Health, and Specialty Clinics

Vital Statistics, Demographics, Restaurants and Food.

Crime, Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Flu shots, earthquakes, floods, tornados, power outages and information for first responders


The map below shows all of the counties in the Health Map Online six-county region. By clicking on each county you can learn more about the more recent floods that have occurred in that county.

Champaign De Witt Ford Iroquois Piatt Vermilion Map

     1. Endless Flood - A History of the Illinois River Valley
     2. Flooding History
     3. USGS: Illinois Flooding Resources
     4. Illinois Floodplan Maps (not available for all counties)
     5. Streams by flood risk calculation
          - Champaign County
          - Ford County
          - Iroquois County
          - DeWitt County
          - Piatt County
          - Vermillion County
     6. Mississippi River Flood Statistics


This includes information that gets you better prepared for disaster or emergency situations. This information helps you to be ready (in advance) for an emergency, efficiently tackle an emergency and prepare for its after effects. It includes information regarding best practices, DOs and DON'Ts and preparedness checklists specific to each emergency.

     A. Preparing for floods
           - Flood Safety Checklist
           - Flood Warnings/Watches for rivers

          1. FloodSmart.gov - Flood Insurance Data
          2. National Flood Insurance Program
          3. Hazards Assesment Briefing
          4. 24-Hour Hazardous Precipitation Forecast
          5. River Observations
          6. NOAA: Flood Watches, Warnings and Statements
          7. Flood Safety Checklist

     B. During floods
           - General Instructions
           - Where to gather your emerngency supply kit

          1. Flood Safety Checklist

     C. Flood recovery
           - Links to Instructions
           - Helping older adults and children after floods, Safe cleanup precautions after floods etc
           - Dealing with concerns about private drinking water well, septic tanks etc.

          1. EPA: Post-flood Survival
          2. CDC: After a Flood