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Champaign - Urbana Public Health District            Ford - Iroquois Public Health Department
Dewitt - Piatt Bi-county Health Department          Vermilion County Health Department

WIC, Day Care Centers and Schools

Parks, Lead Poisoning, Water Quality and Radon

Rabies, West Nile Virus and Communicable Diseases

Hospitals and Clinics, Nursing Homes and Hospice, Veterinary Clinics, Mental Health, and Specialty Clinics

Vital Statistics, Demographics, Restaurants and Food.

Crime, Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Flu shots, earthquakes, floods, tornados, power outages and information for first responders


The maps and information presented in Health Map Online were up to date and accurate to the best of our ability at the time the website was developed (Last major update occurred April 2010). However, when using the maps it is always important to keep in mind that variability in exact locations will occur. The content is intended primarily for general information, and may need to be suplemented with a more thorough investigation. If you have comments or questions please contact Marilyn Ruiz.