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Worksite Wellness

The right way to sit.


The American Heart Association Worksite Wellness website has free and extensive worksite wellness resources available, including their Fit-Friendly worksite recognition program recognition.

Creating a Healthy Workplace is a presentation from the Illinois Department of Public Health We Choose Health Action Institute, from Activate Quad Cities.

Laying the Foundation for Worksite Wellness is an Illinois Chamber of Commerce Presentation from the Illinois Department of Public Health We Choose Health Action Institute.

Worksite wellness resources and links from the Illinois Department of Public Health We Choose Health Action Institute are available on this site

Worksite Assessment Resources

The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard is a free comprehensive assessment of worksite wellness programs, based on best practices. Use this guide to give your organization's wellness program direction.

???LINK??? Employee surveys are an easy way to collect information on your employees' health interests and habits. This information can serve as a guide for your wellness program planning. Go to this link for a free sample employee survey.

Health Risk Appraisals provide rich data on your employees' health status and willingness to change. Many free HRAs are available.

Worksite Fitness Resources

Biking to Work

Bike to work day 2014

Bicycling can create more energized, alert, and productive employees while also decreasing your healthcare costs and retaining youthful employees. Start pedaling and become a Bicycle Friendly Business with the League ofAmerican Bicyclists.

Start a worksite bike share program! A number of Champaign County employers have a pool of bikes that employees can check out for local commutes. Just have employees sign a waiver and wear a helmet.

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work from Greatist. Includes exercises like the Cubicle Wanderer, the Desk Squat, and the Stapler Curl.

Health Alliance has negotiated a number of gym discounts for Health Alliance members.

Park districts can help you start a worksite sports team, start a worksite walking or running program, or take fitness classes with your coworkers. See the physical activity section for more information about local park districts.

Standing desks and treadmill desks improve fitness, reduce sedentary time, and make employees more creative and energized.

Map out a walking path at your worksite. You can paint a path, or just provide signs to mark distances.

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Nutrition Resources

Guidelines for Healthy and Energized Meetings

Workplace Health Promotion Toolkit (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):

A number of evidence-based worksite wellness resources and templates are available from the CDC

Tobacco-Free Workplaces

See our Tobacco page

Health Screenings

  • Health screenings remove the travel and time barriers to employees getting regular health check-ups. Regular check-ups help to prevent small health issues from becoming chronic diseases.
  • Assessment tools can be used for metrics such as health satisfaction, health risks (e.g. tobacco use, high BMI, high cholesterol, high blood sugar), health status (absence or presence of chronic disease), and health needs and interests.
  • Many health insurance companies will cover biometric health screenings through employer health insurance policies. Check with your insurance provider!
  • Data sets are typically represented as aggregate/grouped data to protect the privacy of individual health Information, as well as opinions and issues.
  • Follow up on screening results (typically by a third party vendor) is important to make sure that employees get the health care they need.

National Health Observances

Use health observances to promote healthy activities at work.


Many employers incorporate incentives into their worksite health programs. Incentives can range from certificates, to pedometers, to health insurance discounts. Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal about the pros and cons of various incentives.

Keep in mind that the Affordable Care Act set some new guidelines for incentives.