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Communicable Disease Information for Physicians

Information for Physicians - Frequently Asked Questions

When must I report an illness to Public Health?

How do I report an illnesses to Public Health?

Call the Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator at (217) 531-5361.

How Do I Report a Communicable Disease On-line?

Doctors and other health care providers are required to report a number of communicable diseases to local health departments. Now you can electronically report infectious diseases to the state and local health departments through the Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS). Once you learn the process of reporting online, the process is quick and efficient. Online reporting will enhance our ability to respond to potential health emergencies. For I-NEDSS training you may call the Illinois Department of Public Health: (217) 782-4977.

What do I do if my patient is a food handler or health care worker and has been diagnosed with Salmonellosis, Giardia or E. coli?

Please report the illness to the Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator (217-531-5361). And please tell your patient the following:

What are the latest guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of Pertussis?

Treatment of Pertussis (PDF)
Pertussis Fact Sheet (PDF)