Champaign-Urbana Public Health District


Jun 20, 2009 Cases of E. coli O157:H7 have been linked to consumption of Nestle raw refrigerated cookie dough
If you have this product in your home throw it away.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning consumers not to eat any varieties of prepackaged Nestle Toll House refrigerated... more.

Jun 15, 2009 Farmers Market 2009
Public Health will be hosting local farmers markets this year. Each farmers market will be different, with different produce depending on growing season. You can only buy food with your coupons.  For more information see our flyer in... more.

Jun 11, 2009 Asthma Adventure Camp 2009 TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS!
The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (CUPHD) in collaboration with the East Central Illinois Asthma Partnership and the Illinois Department of Public Health will be accepting applications for "travel scholarships" from local children ages... more.

Jun 5, 2009 H1N1 Flu Alert
We have several new poster with information about the H1N1 flu and pregnant women and people with asthma.  If you are PREGNANT or have ASTHMA and you get flu-like symptoms (FEVER with a Cough and/or Sore Throat) call your health care... more.

Jun 4, 2009 The Summer Food Program is HERE!
This program is FREE and any child age 18 and under may attend all or any listed time. All children must eat on-site to participate.  See our flyer for all of the... more.

May 20, 2009 Germ Buster Boot Camp
This summer Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (CUPHD) will hold FREE "Germ Buster Boot Camps" to teach Champaign County kids how to stop the spread of germs and to become advocates for germ control among their peers, in their families, and in... more.

May 11, 2009 Just the facts: the swine flu and you
In times like these, rumors, misinformation and conjecture lay the foundation for panic. Gale and its library partners, however, provide credible information for those looking for the truth. To learn the facts about H1N1, commonly known as the swine... more.

May 6, 2009 World Asthma Day Event
Public Health is participating in World Asthma Day Tuesday, May 12th from 6-8 p.m. at the Champaign Public Library. There will be fun educational event for families, teachers, nurses and providers!    Click the flyer above for... more.

May 6, 2009 CUPHD Men's Clinic
Be There For Your FAMILY!  Simple Screenings Save Lives Prostate-Specific Antigen Blood Test (PSA):
Annually after age 40. Testing available at CUPHD.Digital Rectal Exam (DRE):
Discuss with your doctor or nurse.Sexually... more.

May 5, 2009 National Women's Health Week May 10-16
In honor of National Women's Health May 10th - 16th, the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program is holding events to reach and enroll uninsured women between 35 and 64 years of age into IBCCP for free breast and cervical cancer screenings.... more.