Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

US EPA Bed Bug New Materials (Cards and Brochure)

Thursday - Feb 07, 2013

The US EPA has recently published EPA Bed Bug Pocket Cards and a Bed Bug Brochure which are now posted and publically available.

All these new EPA materials are available off the . These new EPA resources can be found at:

1) EPA
Bed Bug General Card (PDF) or in #16 of "Residential Consumer" topic under "Audience" Category, and cross linked also in "Detection", "Management", and "Prevention" topics under the "Topic" category.

2) EPA Bed Bug Travel Card (PDF) or in #7 of "Travel" topic under the "Audience" category, and crossed linked in "Prevention" under the "Topics" category.

3) EPA Bed Bug Brochure (PDF) or in #14 of the "Residential Consumer" topic under the "Audience" category, and crossed linked in "Brochures" under the "Topics" category and "Bed Bug Biology" under the "Topics" category.

We all hope that these new EPA resources are additive to the increasingly large (and needed) pool of State, University, advocacy, and industry resources useful to educators, building/facility managers, and the general public in spreading the word about bed bugs and how to appropriately manage them.

These recent EPA products were a joint venture between EPA OPP and the EPA Regions. Special thanks goes to Marcia Anderson of EPA R2 for the ideas and creating the original drafts.