Champaign-Urbana Public Health District

Nedra Brown has volunteered 1228 hours with IBCCP


Monday - Oct 24, 2011

Nedra Brown has worked with CUPHD IBCCP since August 2008 as an RSVP volunteer (RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program). Nedra was recently honored for her extensive volunteerism at the annual RSVP banquet. Nedra received awards for the following: Over 400 hours of volunteer service in the past year, 20 years of volunteering through RSVP, and a Community Service Award (nominated by Kathy Reardon in IBCCP).

Nedra is a retired administrative secretary who brings extensive experience and professionalism to her position at CUPHD. Nedra is very organized and efficiently manages all the paperwork associated with her IBCCP tasks. She is willing to do any task asked of her and quickly masters new assignments. Due to Nedra's hard work, positive attitude and pleasant personality, it is a blessing to have her working with us. Since August of 2008, Nedra has volunteered 1228 hours with IBCCP! In addition to the hours spent at CUPHD, Nedra volunteers for other agencies, including Willard Airport where she has volunteered for 20 years.

Three things that stand our about her is her professionalism, dedication and her job ethics-experience. She is devoted to helping our patients and hangs in there when the going gets tough. These are just a few comments from staff here.

Nedra helps us by scheduling most of our patient appointments, which helps get clients in for their annual exam and or mammogram in a timely fashion (and does so without complaint). Without her help, our work would be backed up and she lightens that work load for us. She is always willing to take on any task or challenge. We appreciate her organization, dependability, and service. She not only helps us here, but is busy with others that she assists.

She is the epitome of a great volunteer very much deserved this award!