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Food Handlers and Healthcare Workers

Information For Food Handlers and Healthcare Workers

Please Read The Following regarding food handlers or health care workers who have been diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis, Shigella, Salmonellosis, Giardia or E. coli:

The state Administrative Code requires that those diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis, Shigella, Salmonellosis, Giardia or E. coli who are food handlers or work in sensitive occupations shall not return to their usual occupation until two (2) consecutive specimens (release specimens) of feces taken not less than 24 hours apart are tested (by the state health department) and found to be negative. Health care workers who have diarrhea are restricted from their occupations until at least 24 hours after diarrhea has ended. Health care workers who use universal precautions or any equivalent isolation procedure, and who do not have diarrhea, are not required to be restricted from the occupations, but must submit release specimens as described above. Health care workers will be restricted from their occupations if they do not begin submitting release specimens within one week after notification. This occupational restriction will terminate when specimen submission begins, as long as the case continues to comply with required specimen submission begins, as long as the case continues to comply with required specimen submission. Specimens must be submitted to a laboratory acceptable to the Illinois Department of Public Health. If an antimicrobial agent has been given, release specimens must be collected at least 48 hours after treatment was discontinued.

Food handlers: Anyone who produces, prepares, packages or dispenses food or drink that will not be subsequently heated to appropriate cooking temperatures.

NOTE: The state department of health has not considered dishwash staff or bus staff to be food handlers. Persons who are restricted should not have contact with food or food contact surfaces (i.e. counters, clean glasses, etc.) Persons restricted from food handling can pass out menus, handle money or do janitorial work.

Sensitive occupation: Any occupation involving the direct care of others, especially young children and the elderly, or any occupation so designated by the state or local health department.

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