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Communicable Disease FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Infectious Diseases and Other Health Problems

Most of the links below will take you to other websites with detailed information about the disease or health issue that interests you. Public Health is not responsible for the information on other websites.

At all times those in nursing homes, day care centers and schools should be encouraged to practice good hygiene, such as covering their mouths while coughing or sneezing and washing hands frequently. Restrooms should always have adequate soap and paper towels or paperless hand dryers. Hand sanitizer can also help control the spread of disease.

Nursing home residents who are ill with the flu may be encouraged to refrain from eating or socializing in communal settings until they are well again.

Nursing homes may ask Public Health to investigate an outbreak to verify that the disease agent is in fact influenza and to identify the type (strain) of flu virus involved. To make a request, you may call the Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator at (217) 239-7827.

Students who are ill with influenza symptoms should be encouraged to stay home until their temperature has returned to normal and they feel well enough to participate in school activities.