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Anonymous vs. Confidential Testing

Your name is not used during the testing process; instead, an anonymous number is used to identify you and to attach you to your results.

  • Test results are not documented in your medical chart.
  • If you are HIV+, it is your decision to access healthcare to help with the HIV illness.
  • Your HIV appointment can be done during a routine STD screening visit. Anonymous testing for HIV is separate from STI testing (chlamydia, etc.) and is also available by a separate appointment.
  • Results must be given in person, a week following the initial testing visit (i.e., not over the phone).

What a confidential (documented) HIV test means for you at Public Health:

  • Confidential testing is done through our STD clinic services.
  • Test results are NOT documented in the patient's medical chart.
  • If you are HIV+ it is your choice to seek further health care for HIV illness.
  • As with other medical information contained in your medical chart, HIV information is kept confidential, meaning - no one can see this information without a specific written release, signed by you. *(unless you are under 18 years of age).
  • Results must be given in person, a week following the initial testing visit (i.e., not over the phone).
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and test result are kept separately from your HIV medical records.

NOTICE: Illinois now requires that those conducting confidential HIV tests report the names of those who test positive to the state health department. This information is CONFIDENTIAL. No one who works for Public Health or for the state may disclose your HIV status without your written permission. Your privacy is protected by law. ANONYMOUS tests results are NOT reported to the state.

Anonymous testing is recommended for the following persons:

  1. A man who has had sex with other men.
  2. A person who has had sex with a man who has had sex with other men.
  3. Anyone who has received drugs, money or something of value for sex.
  4. A person who has used needles to shoot drugs.
  5. Anyone who has had sex with someone who uses needles.
  6. Had sex with someone who is HIV positive.
  7. A person diagnosed with 2 or more sexually transmitted diseases in the past 12 months.
  8. A person with six or more partners a month.